TIVA (Training in Vaccine Administration) Plus Ltd.

Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions will apply between TIVA+ Ltd and the client, for the supply and delivery of training and study materials. TIVA+ Ltd will supply certification for all learners who demonstrate competencies have been achieved or who qualify for a certificate of attendance.

TIVA+ Ltd reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions without notice.


TIVA+ Ltd – is the training company that supplies and delivers training courses on all aspects of vaccinations and immunisation, including the relevant study materials.

Client – is the company, company representative, organisation or organisation representative with authority to enter into an agreement with TIVA+ Ltd for the supply and delivery of a training course and relevant study materials.

Supply and Delivery – is the agreement between TIVA+ Ltd and the client to make available a training course and study materials at an agreed cost, location, date and time.

Training – is the service supplied by TIVA+ Ltd to the client, that provides learners with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to enable them to undertake their duties competently, safely and legally.

Study Materials – are handouts, workbooks and any other relevant materials that are meant to be retained by the learner, to support their learning and act as supporting evidence for future or ongoing qualifications.

Trainers – are the trainers supplied by TIVA+ Ltd to deliver training to learners. Trainers will be appropriately qualified and up to date in the courses they deliver.

Certification – the cost of certificates produced and supplied by TIVA+ Ltd are included in the course cost. Replacement certificates will be subject to additional cost.


Clients may make enquiries for training by email, by telephone, or in writing, using the contact details below. All enquiries will be answered as soon as practically possible and normally within 24 hours of receipt.

Contact Details – TIVA+ Ltd can be contacted as follows:

Email: info@tivaplus.co.uk

Post: TIVA+ Ltd
58 Warwick Drive
Tel: 07722712441


How to Book – clients may book a training course by telephone, by completing and submitting an online booking form or by post.

Invoicing – TIVA+ Ltd will issue an invoice, as soon as is practically possible (normally within 24 hours) upon receipt of a completed booking form. Invoices will show the total cost to be paid by the client. Clients have a seven-day ‘cooling off’ period after the booking has been made. From then on it will be treated as confirmed. Please note once a booking is made you have entered into a binding contract with TIVA Plus Ltd.

Booking Confirmation – TIVA+ Ltd will issue confirmation of booking upon receipt of full payment.

Venue – courses are normally conducted in the client’s premises or at a venue supplied by TIVA+ Ltd. Where the training is conducted on the client’s premises, a suitable area with an electricity supply will be required.

Participant Numbers – the minimum number of learners required to run a course is 5 and the maximum is 20.


Cancellation Policy – It is the policy of TIVA+ Ltd that cancellation costs are charged if a client cancels a course. Details are as follows:

NO fee is payable if a course is cancelled more than 28 days prior to it’s start date.

100% of course fees are payable if a course is cancelled within 28 days of it’s start date

Full payment will be due from anyone who fails to attend.

Cancellation Procedure – cancellation of a course can be made either by email by telephone, or in writing. Clients are advised to support verbal cancellations in by email or in writing.

Cancellation charges may be waivered in exceptional circumstances providing TIVA+Ltd and the client have mutually agreed.

If a booking is made less than 28 days in advance of the start date of the course, the above cancellation terms will still apply with fees payable and non-refundable.

TIVA+ Ltd are happy to accept substitute delegates upon notification, at no additional charge. This is, however, subject to the new delegate complying with the course requirements or pre-requisites as notified by TIVA+ Ltd or detailed in the course outline.

TIVA+ Ltd reserves the right to change the venue, cancel a course, amend the dates and/or fees at any time and without prior notice. Fees will be refunded in full should delegates not wish to attend the alternative date. TIVA+ Ltd will not reimburse any travel, accommodation or other expenses incurred.


Course Costs – current course costs are displayed on our website.

Payment Method – the client will pay the course costs shown on the invoice by BACS transfer (account information detailed on all invoices) or alternatively by cheque; made payable to “TIVA+ Ltd.” Cheques should be sent to TIVA+ Ltd, 58 Warwick Drive Sunderland SR3 3PZ. Please note that cheques are not the preferred method of payment and will incur a £10 handling fee per application, if submitted as payment.

Payment Terms – full payment must be made by the client to TIVA+ Ltd prior to attending course.


Behaviour – TIVA+ Ltd shall conduct themselves throughout the training process in a professional, polite and courteous manner.

Standards – TIVA+ Ltd maintains high standards with regard to the delivery and content of its courses and the quality of materials used. In order to achieve this we ensure our trainers are qualified and up to date on the subjects they teach. TIVA+ Ltd also operates an end of course evaluation form to be completed by each participant, which asks for their opinions on the course.


Insurance – TIVA+ Ltd will maintain levels of insurance in accordance with the regulatory and industry requirements.

Security – TIVA+ Ltd will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the security of all premises visited is maintained and that upon completion of the training all keys are returned promptly and all areas are left secure.


TIVA+ Ltd will follow and abide by all reasonable policies and procedures that are laid down by the client. Such policies and procedures that are typically followed include: Fire Procedures, Infection Control, Security, Confidentiality, and Health and Safety. If a client wishes TIVA+ to follow a specific policy or procedure, they are required to make the request and provide the relevant the information prior to the start of the training.


TIVA+ Ltd operates an equal opportunities policy to ensure that individuals are treated fairly. By implementing this policy, we are seeking to ensure all forms of unfair discrimination are eliminated. If any individual or client feels that TIVA+ Ltd has been unfair and has not demonstrated equal opportunity, please let us know.


In accordance with the Data Protection Act, TIVA+Ltd does not pass on any of our customer details to ‘interested third parties’.