Annual Flu Update

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: £75.00 includes course materials and certificates


An interactive and informative workshop to update Healthcare professionals on the 2024/2025 Influenza vaccine policy.

Influenza vaccines are important, especially to protect young children, older people, pregnant women, those with long term conditions, and people who have vulnerable immune systems. 

It is essential that practitioners are confident, proficient and have sound current knowledge of the vaccines and the programme they are delivering.  This update is comprehensive, includes core areas of immunisation knowledge and competency: and meets the National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training.

Who is the Course for?

Practice Nurses

District Nurses

School Nurses


Healthcare Support Workers

Anyone involved in planning and promoting the influenza vaccine

Course Aim and Objectives

The aim of this workshop is to ensure that all health professionals engaged in any aspect of the Influenza Vaccination programme, are trained and equipped to:


  • Provide accurate and up to date information about influenza, and the vaccine
  • Ensure that their practice is safe and effective
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate management of adverse reactions.

Course Content

  • Overview of current policy for influenza;
  • Legal aspects of vaccinations including Consent PSDs and PGDs
  • Vaccine administration
  • Anaphylaxis recognition and management
  • Strategies for increasing uptake of vaccines in practice
  • Q&A session on commonly encountered problems in practice

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued on completion of the workshop

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