Immunisation Update for Healthcare Support Workers 18th July 2024



Thursday 18th July 2024

at BIC Sunderland

Duration: 4hours

Cost:  £99.00 includes all course materials and certificate of attendance

Course overview

An interactive and informative workshop to update health professionals on the 2023/24 Influenza, Shingles and Pneumococcal vaccine policy.  Attending annual Update training ensures you have an understanding of the current evidence based information on immunisation and the vaccines.

The workshop meet all the requirements for the National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) guidelines.


Who is the workshop for?

  • Healthcare Professionals who have completed the foundation immunisation training two-day course or have experience in the administration of Influenza  Pneumococcal, Shingles and /or COVID-19 vaccine programme.
  • Anyone involved in planning administering, and promoting the Influenza, Shingles, Pneumococcal and/or COVID-19 vaccine programme


Course Aims and Objectives

The aim of this workshop is to ensure Healthcare Workers, engaged in any aspect of the Influenza, Pneumococcal, Shingles and/or COVID-19 vaccination programme, are trained and equipped to:

  • Provide accurate and up to date information about the vaccine and the disease it prevents
  • Ensure that their practice is safe and effective
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate management of adverse reactions.


Course Content

  • Overview of current policy for Influenza; Pneumococcal Shingles
  • Vaccine Administration and Storage
  • Legal aspects including consent PSDs and PGDs
  • Anaphylaxis recognition and management
  • Strategies for increasing vaccine uptake in practice
  • Q&A session on commonly encountered problems in practice